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Travel should challenge people to understand that our world is bigger than they ever imagined. As an Agent of Change, you’ve seen how the connections your travelers make on their tour change lives and broaden their perspectives. You help make this possible. When travelers choose G Adventures, they do more than just see the world — they help change it. Imagine what we can achieve, together.



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We're offering 10% off on select G Adventures tours worldwide. Bookings must be made by September 30, 2019 for travel by December 15, 2019.

Terms, conditions and restrictions apply; pricing, availability, and other details subject to change and/ or apply to US or Canadian residents. Please confirm details and booking information with your travel advisor.
Terms and Conditions: Receive 10% off per person on guaranteed departures of select small-group tours as follows: Tour must be booked by Sep 30, 2019 at 23:59 EST for the G Adventures tour portion of these trip codes: AAEK, AAES, AAKS, AAKW, AASK, AASN, AASW, AAWE, AAWS, ABCB, ACCR, ACEC,ACHF,ACHH,ACNB,ACRX,ACSB,ACSF,ACSL,ACTA,ACXB,ADPP,AEBB,AEBF,AEFK,AEIE,AEII,AEJL,AEJS,AEJV,AESJ,AESM,AESS,AESU,AEUS,AFML,AHBS,AHDK,AHEH,AHGT,AHHE,AHRA,AHRC,AJBR,AJDF,AJDJ,AJHW,AJJR,AJKC,AJSK,AJWF,AJWJ,AKSS,AMNA,AMNF,ANKD,ANNA,ANRT,AOPP,APCC,APMP,AQPN,AQTT,ARIR,ARSM,ASLE,ASSL,ASSM,ASVE,ATBE,ATBH,ATCM,ATIE,ATLV,ATNB,ATNN,ATNR,ATNW,ATTW,ATTY,AUBU,AUTA,AVBV,AVCH,AVCT,AVCW,AVEV,AVLHZ,AWTU,AYBA,AYBT,AYKK,AYKU,BBDR,BILM,CAHI,CAM,CBBC,CCC,CCCE,CCCL,CCVA,CGAP,CGAS,CGME,CJJE,CMDD,CMMD,CMMP,CMTM,CNEN,CPPQ,CRA,CRAL,CRPQ,CRQ,DACD,DADF,DAFD,DCKD,DCMH,DEAA,DGSG,DJNT,DKMM,DKMT,DKTW,DKWA,DKWZ,DMHM,DMMM,DMUM,DNCD,DOIE,DPBA,DPBE,DPCT,DPEE,DPJA,DQMM,DSCC,DSCZ,DSMZ,DTAM,DTKS,DTMS,DTOS,DTTZ,DTWA,DTWE,DTWZ,DURU,DWHJ,DZDD,DZDF,EABE,EABI,EBBT,EDLT,EFIA,EFPN,EGBG,EIBS,EIIC,EIIH,EIMR,EINN,EIRV,EIVH,EJBT,ELBI,ELBR,ELWI,ELWR,ENTT,EPLP,EQHH,EQHI,EQHT,EQII,EQNI,ESLM,ESMB,ESMK,ESMM,ESNS,ESSP,ETAD,ETAT,ETAW,ETBT,EXGA,EXVS,MYP,NCCV,NCVC,NCVV,NUGG,NUKD,NUMB,NUMG,NUNP,NUOB,NUOK,NUOO,NUPN,NUPS,NUSS,NUVV,OACQ,OACS,OAMQ,OAMS,OAMU,ONAC,ONAQ,PAA,PHPT,PPC,PPP,PXML,SAIB,SAPE,SCCA,SCSR,SECE,SED07MB,SEEE,SEEQ,SEGU,SEHE,SEIA,SEIG,SEQG,SEQI,SEQU,SMBS,SMCC,SMCQ,SMCS,SMS,SMTQ,SPA10MA,SPBH,SPCU,SPH07MB,SPIJ,SPIR,SPLAR,SPLB,SPMP,SXRL,SZCE,SZRM,SZWB for travel departing before Dec 15, 2019. Valid for new bookings only and must quote promo code 19EPP010CLA02 if booking between July 1st - July 31st and promo code 20EPP010CLA01 if booking between August 1 - September 30th at time of booking. Bookings must be made by calling, visiting, or by contacting your local travel agent. This promotion is only open to residents of the United States. Cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts and is subject to availability. Does not apply to private groups, private departures, MS Expedition, National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures, SPIT (The Inca Trail), AFMS (Maldives Dhoni Cruise), Wellness Tours, Cuba land trips, Independent trips, pre- or post-tour accommodation, insurance, airfare not included in the itinerary, upgrades, Gear Shop, extras, “My Own Room” or “My Own Tent,” transfers, theme packs, or other in-country or on-board services. G Adventures reserves the right to withdraw this offer from sale at any time without prior notice. Any refunds made with respect to products booked under this promotion shall be issued at the discounted rate. G Adventures reserves the right to cancel any booking due to unauthorized, altered, ineligible, or fraudulent use of discount. G Adventures is not responsible for technical or system errors that may interfere with or otherwise prohibit the use of the promotion. All G Adventures tours are subject to G Adventures' full booking conditions, found here:

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