Tourcan Vacations

Tourcan Vacations is recognized as a leader for tours and safaris to the world of exotic destinations.  

Africa, Asia, the Indian-subcontinent, South & Central America, The South Pacific, Turkey and the Middle East are our areas of specialty. Their itineraries reflect experiences which transform a vacation into the trip of a lifetime.Their promise is in their vision, to always guarantee an enhanced and memorable travel experience. For over 30 years Tourcan Vacations has only (ever) specialized in Exotic Destinations. 

Tourcan Vacations: the right choice for a vacation

The Tourcan Vacations offers:

  • reliability
  • dependability
  • creativity
  • great customer service
  • and quality experience for travellers.

Tourcan Vacations is a specialist Tour Operator – only selling exotic destinations!

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Indian-subcontinent
  • South & Central America
  • The South Pacific
  • Turkey and the Middle East

Tourncan Vacation's exotic destinations offer new and different experiences particularly for those who have been doing repeat visits to destinations closer to home. Most of the exotic destinations are on someone’s bucket list. Tourcan Vacation's exotic destinations offer unique travel opportunities (e.g. sights, safari, culture, art) and, more often than not, “A trip of a lifetime”.

What you can expect when travelling with Tourcan vacations:

  • Tourcan Vacations’ area of expertise lies in customizing itineraries to suit your needs
  • You have the option of customized tours or seat-in-coach tours or a combination of both
  • Set departures are guaranteed to depart with a minimum of two people! (Morocco, minimum of 4).
  • Can accommodate specific interests: Faith-based; wine & culinary; golf; Jewish heritage; Student; Women only; Wellness & Spa and more


Tourcan Vacations can assist you with Pre and Post Cruise arrangements in our world of Exotic Destinations. 


Tourcan Vacations can provide memorable honeymoon experiences in destinations such as Bali, Fiji, Tanzania and Zanzibar, South Africa, Mozambique, The Maldives and Central America………….

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