Brand History and Competitive Advantage:

In as little as 10 minutes you can book your clients on an independent prepackaged vacation of a lifetime. The work is done. Monograms puts all of the planning, arranging, and coordinating into an all-in-one hassle-free package for you and your clients, by combining the freedom of an independent vacation with the stability of a tour.

Features and Benefits:

Monograms YourWay: Monograms makes it easy to customize the number of nights you stay in London, Paris, Rome, Florence, and Venice! For the optimal experience in each city, we suggest 3 nights, but you can choose to stay from 2-5 nights. Another way Monograms lives up to its name and lets YOU make your vacation your own.

A Better Way to Travel: When you choose Monograms, you can enjoy the many benefits of taking a tour, without the group. Even better, you have countless opportunities to personalize and customize your vacation, with help from an on-site local expert: Your very own Local Host®. 

A Better Way to Get Oriented: To help you get your bearings, Monograms includes a half-day of guided sightseeing in each city with VIP access to famous attractions. This means you skip the lines, check the “must-sees” off your list and move on to independent pursuits for the rest of your stay. 

A Better Way to Arrive: Each time you arrive in a new city, Monograms is waiting for you to show you your way. And, when your itinerary takes you from one city to the next, Monograms will ensure you receive a proper “goodbye” and welcoming “hello.” 

A Better Way to Select a Your Hotel: With Monograms, you will find a choice of hand-selected hotels that offer you an oasis to call “home” in the world’s most centrally located neighborhoods.

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